Cross The Pacific Ltd.

Seinfeld Set Replica

1:26 Scale Replica of
Seinfeld TV Show Set

Project Overview

Our assignment was to produce 5,000 limited-edition miniature-to-scale set replicas of the iconic TV show "Seinfeld" created by the show's production designer Tho. E. Azzari and miniaturist Alan Wolfson. With access to the the show’s original blueprints and development materials, including original Polaroids, color swatches, and sketches from the network run, CTP handled design-for-manufacture, material sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and merchandizing.

Working closely with our clients, CTP developed a detailed prototype set for pre-production before managing the production and distribution of the replica. The miniaturized apartment contains over 100 hand crafted, authentically reproduced elements from the show, including the furniture, wall-mounted bike, light fixtures, and operational front door.


detailed miniature

Using measurements and images provided by the client, CTP developed the set replica with remarkable attention to detail, including all fixtures and finishings precisely designed to match the original set. Materials included metal, plastic, wood and fabric. Each set was hand-numbered, painted and assembled with over 100 unique miniature elements and features a section of wood from the actual prop door provided by the Warner Bros. Studio Archives. The replica was designed for a production run of 5,000 units, each measuring 16.5” W x 11.5” D x 6.5” H.


Over 100 pieces were individually manufactured and hand-painted.

Product Overview

Watch this short video to hear how CTP worked in conjunction with the original set designers to create this extraordinarily detailed, limited edition collectors item.

...flawlessly detailed...
— Gizmodo extraordinary piece of design...
— The Coolector
...fetishistically detailed...
— Boing Boing
...replicated down to the finest possible detail...
— Alternative Mindz