Cross The Pacific Ltd.

Health Kit

Package containing connected (IoT)
scale, pedometer, and workout band

Project Overview

The objective of this project was to create a "Welcome Kit" for insurance companies that included a connected scale, a pedometer and a workout band all packaged within a single, simple and attractive box. CTP developed the subscription-free GPRS connection module for the scale, and designed and produced the pedometer, workout band, and packaging solution.  This three piece, wholly connected health kit was designed with our client as a solution to help their customers start a journey towards a healthier lifestyle combatting chronic disease.

Our client was named Most Innovative Digital Health Company of the Year in 2017 by Fast Company.



The number of elements in this particular project meant sourcing a wide range of materials for both the electronic and the non-electronic products. CTP worked with a number of manufacturers to manage a coordinated design, production and delivery process.


Health Kit

The above image, from the client's website, shows the connected scale, pedometer, and workout band.  

Product Experience

Watch this short video by Omada to learn how the connected devices in their
Welcome Kit collect and provide relevant data points to help consumers work with
health coaches to change their lives.