Cross The Pacific Ltd.

Flow Meter

Connected (IOT) Water Flow Meter for Rural Villages

Project Overview

The objective of this project was to develop remote sensors for deployment in the field to measure the flow of clean water and to let our client know how well their projects are working at any given time, anywhere in the world. The sensors were funded by Google and are part of our client's global effort to further advance transparency and sustainability throughout the water sector and to deliver water more reliably than ever before, to the people who need it most.  CTP designed and developed a low-cost, durable, long-lasting product which was widely deployed across rural Nepal.


Final Product

Seen here at the end of the production line, the water meter has a rugged, weatherproof exterior that protects the technology inside.



In addition to producing the water meters, CTP also developed firmware and a software interface for the client's dashboard to help visualize the real-time data being gathered.


Early Versions

We went through numerous prototype revisions - including the one pictured above - until finally arriving at one that best addressed client requirements.