Cross The Pacific Ltd.


Product design
& development.


We provide technical schematic designs, component selection and PCBA layout, and prototype PCB fabrication with mounting and soldering. CTP is skilled at 3D printing, injection mold design, product-cost evaluation, and can improve the overall manufacturability of your product. Our diligent logistical support enforces reliable milestone tracking in parallel with the checking and reaffirmation of timelines and scheduling. Furthermore, we conduct in-depth and diligent contract manufacturing audits during the initial stages of vendor selection. An integral part of that selection not only includes our intense auditing process but also a mathematical approach to vendor costing negotiations, ensuring clients get the most out of dollars spent.


Areas of Expertise

Product design and Development

We specialize in precision molding and electronic design in areas such as medical grade plastics, consumer electronics, collectors' items, and children's toys. Our seasoned team is here to make sure your project requirements are fully addressed with a strict emphasis on budget, schedule and quality control. 

Design for manufacture

Whether we get involved at the beginning of the design process, or help to develop a product your team has already designed, we will ensure that consideration for manufacturing has been taken into account in order to ensure that production flows smoothly and permits scale.

Manufacturing Agency

For companies that simply need assistance with manufacturing a product that has already been designed, CTP provides a managed solution to finding the most appropriate factories, while overseeing the production process. We ensure a smooth, efficient manufacturing experience with clear communication throughout.

Small Batch Manufacturing

While many of our customers have high-volume production requirements, we are also structured to support small-batch manufacturing. We have experience producing orders as small as several hundred units as well those numbering in the millions.

Manufacturing consultancy

CTP can serve as an independent third-party to review your factory, production systems or sourcing process. We apply our expertise at navigating all related aspects of manufacturing in Asia to provide insightful assessments, advise on best practices for Asia-based manufacturing, and to identify weaknesses and oversights.

Internet of Things

We have broad experience in the design & development of connected devices, sensors, and blockchain integration. Several of our products are now being used in global monitoring efforts by well-known multinationals and NGOs.


Product Specialties



We excel at the development of connected devices, electronic products, and firmware. We work with specialty partners throughout Asia to develop and deliver high quality, expertly engineered electronic consumer goods across the globe.



Originally our bread and butter, we have developed numerous toys and collectibles for our clients. Ranging from children’s toys to sophisticated collector’s items, our team has combined knowledge, imagination, and design to create a variety of innovative products.


Hard Goods

We also design, develop and manufacture products for consumer, commercial and industrial use. Whether it's a sophisticated water sensor or a consumer-driven toolkit, virtually any product you can imagine, we can help to develop.